Animal Intersection by Rodrigo Machado

Animal Intersection

I am Rodrigo. Brazilian scholar with Master titles in Visual Ethnographic and Tourism and Environment. My researcher is grounded on ontological anthropology and visual practices, where I visually portrait how people enact the reality that they live. Through my work, I hope to not only portrait multiple realities but also to make the audience reflect on the ways their reality is enacted.

Een Groen Herstel by Max Kortekaas

Een Groen Herstel

Max Kortekaas is a young visual anthropologist from the Netherlands. He is based in Leiden, where he has finished both his bachelor as master in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sciences. With Max being a mixture of open-mindedness and creativity, with a combination of energy and adrenaline always makes up for in-depth relations and beautiful stories.

Active Listening by Ringo Schut

Active Listening

Ringo Schut is a visual anthropologist and Filmmaker based in Amsterdam. Growing up with a wide range of interests, he aims to combine various experiences and creative endeavours within his work, through the use of experimentation with colors, music and rhythms. His love for interviewing and film making, combined with his own experiences with mental health, brought him to Leiden University to work on this mental health film project in an ethnographic manner.

Tijd voor Noord by Tobias van Oosten

Tijd voor Noord

Tobias van Oosten is a recently graduated Cultural Anthropology student obtaining MA in Visual Ethnography at the university of Leiden, and a BA in Cultural Anthropology at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. Now venturing into the usage of visual methods as film and photography as a complement to ethnographic methods. Past research projects have involved Ethnographic research of a city bound to tourist development in Bahia, Brazil. Here the author explored forms of segregation, and neighbourhood identities. His latest work, the Ethnographic research and documentary Time for North, explores the way Gentrification influences lives of older neighbourhood inhabitants of Amsterdam North.

Inhabiting Empty Spain by Juan Díaz Cuyás

Inhabiting the Empty Spain
Inhabiting the Empty Spain 1
Inhabiting the Empty Spain 2
Inhabiting the Empty Spain 3
Inhabiting the Empty Spain 4

Juan F. Díaz Cuyás is a Visual Anthropology student temporarily based in Yanguas, Spain. He has recently finished a master’s degree in visual Ethnography at Leiden University and previously in Social and Cultural Anthropology by Autonomous Barcelona University and Maynooth University. He is a filmmaking and photography enthusiast who aspires to do a PhD in Anthropology using audiovisual techniques as researching methodologies. He has worked in a rural development project in India, photographing the water shortage issue in communities in Bangalore’s rural areas. In the short term, he seeks to start designing a photography project to overcome this year’s indeterminacy (we can do it!).

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