Inhabiting Empty Spain by Juan Díaz Cuyás

Inhabiting the Empty Spain
Inhabiting the Empty Spain 1
Inhabiting the Empty Spain 2
Inhabiting the Empty Spain 3
Inhabiting the Empty Spain 4

Juan F. Díaz Cuyás is a Visual Anthropology student temporarily based in Yanguas, Spain. He has recently finished a master’s degree in visual Ethnography at Leiden University and previously in Social and Cultural Anthropology by Autonomous Barcelona University and Maynooth University. He is a filmmaking and photography enthusiast who aspires to do a PhD in Anthropology using audiovisual techniques as researching methodologies. He has worked in a rural development project in India, photographing the water shortage issue in communities in Bangalore’s rural areas. In the short term, he seeks to start designing a photography project to overcome this year’s indeterminacy (we can do it!).

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