Entre Las Plantas by Mark Lindenberg

Entre Las Plantas

Mark Lindenberg is as a filmmaker and visual ethnographer, interested in making films that make the audience have a feeling of being there, stepping with him into a world unknown. He graduated as a cinematographer at the AHK – Filmacademy Amsterdam and combines his skills with his master study Visual Ethnography at Leiden University to make the ‘strange’ become understandable and familiar.

Surfing Frozen Oceans by Marcel El-Metwally

Surfing Frozen Oceans

Marcel El-Metwally is a Freelance Director and Filmmaker based in Utrecht. Marcel majored in Psychology (undergrad.) at Utrecht University and in Visual Ethnography (grad.) at Leiden University. In 2014 Marcel founded the company Native Art Films & Photography.

Our Village: ‘De Wallen’ by Eva Krol

Our Village - ‘De Wallen’

Eva Krol is a young documentary filmmaker and visual anthropologist based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. After a bachelor in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology in Utrecht, she started the master Visual Ethnography at Leiden University. Her first short documentary ‘Bangun Berdiri: Sta Op’  was shown at Pakhuis de Zwijger, after which she did a few productions for musea. Next year she will further develop her documentary filmmaking skills with an internship at production company De Familie Film & TV. 

Composing Freedom by Sarah Vasen

Composing Freedom

Sarah Vasen is a young documentary maker and Visual Anthropologist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After graduating from her BA Media and Culture and MSc Visual Ethnography she wants to continue making films which highlight human qualities and similarities across the world, building on empathy instead of the aspects that divide us. Her first short documentary gives a glimpse into the life of a nomad in Tagounite, Morocco, which was shown at 2Doc: Makers van Morgen. During her second short documentary she asks herself how it is to be a student, especially a female student, in the Islamic Republic of Iran.Currently, she is learning Arabic and getting inspired for upcoming documentaries.

Paths Unknown by Jorn van Bladel

Paths Unknown

Jorn van Bladel is an ethnographer with a passion for filmmaking, digital and analogue photography, the great outdoors, and cars. Jorn is far from done with the off-roading scene, and aims to connect his involvement in it with his trainer as a photographer and cinematographer

Escape to Psytrance by Victoria van den Berg

Escape to Psytrance

Victoria van den Berg is a visual anthropologist based in Leiden, the Netherlands. After finishing the bachelor Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology in Leiden, she did the master Cultural Anthropology: Visual Ethnography at Leiden University. She specialised in music and digital communication, focusing on the influence of different music cultures on the global means of connection.

Born on a Journey by Sandra Patiño

Born on a Journey

Sandra Patiño is a visual ethnographer based in San Francisco, United States. After finishing her bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology in San Francisco, she went on to complete her Masters’ in Visual Ethnography in Leiden, The Netherlands. Born in Bogotá, Patiño’s interest in documentary film has been influenced by her upbringing and academic development. She is currently working on a personal project, a short documentary series that tells the story of human social relationships with plant-based food.

Languages of Bonaire by Victor Navarro Izquierdo

Languages of Bonaire

Victor is an anthropologist and documentary filmmaker based in Barcelona, Spain. He spent his first academic years studying migrants moving to Iceland who were learning Icelandic, researching on their motivations to learn this language and their experiences using it with native Icelanders. During his Master specialization in Visual Ethnography at Leiden University he has brought his research topic to the audio-visual format and to a different location, by filming a documentary about new speakers of Papiamentu on the island of Bonaire (Caribbean Netherlands). At the moment he is about to start his PhD at Autonomous University of Barcelona, where he expects to create an academic methodology to research the topic of language learners combining written and audio-visual formats.

Oung Sa: Eaten by Fire by César Colmant

Oung Sa: Eaten by Fire

César Colmant: is a humanitarian aid worker and a Filmmaker from Brussels. César majored in Political Sciences and Law (undergrad.) before working as a field coordinator with migrants in Serbia. He founded the fundraising NGO “La Route des Défis” in 2016 which supports ground-based initiative throughout Europe.

Moving Towards Visibility by Laura Molsbergen

Moving Towards Visibility

Laura Molsbergen is a young, creative human being based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She finished the minor Visual Anthropology during the Bachelor Cultural Anthropology and Developmental Sociology at the University of Amsterdam; and she did an internship at VPRO Metropolis in Hilversum. She recently completed her Masters Visual Ethnography in Leiden. Combining her passions in spoken word, dance and documentary filmmaking, Laura always explores rhythms that synchronize and clash as a metaphor for human relationships; as well as her own position and blind spots when she meets another culture or person.

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